Wednesday 3 February 2010

New Car now has hay in it.

Firstly I thought you may like this pic of Georgina helping herself to breakfast! Obviously I am not quick enough.

Well I managed to keep the new car clean for three days ut tonight I had to put a bale of hay in the boot. I have a liner in there but hay gets everywhere, we keep our hay in the store but need to transport it over to Widecombe or just up to the top paddocks which usually involves my car.

The llama walk went well yesterday despite Dartmoor drizzle, just two girls who were zoo keepers so lots of interesting conversation. One of the girls was on an exchange work placement from Toronto. we took Polo, Blackjack and little a Alpaca 'Sparky', this was one of the few occasions that we have left the old lead llama "Lenny" at home he has a little bit of arthritis so limps sometimes. We need to get the rest of the team used to going out for a trek without Lenny so that we can semi retire him. Polo takes a pack and can now carry some weight, Blackjack is coming along well now with his pack training, he has had the full pack on and we managed to get one strap done up, a great improvement as he was being very stropy about the whole thing. A little bit of training every few days seems to work with him so fingers crossed we will get him trained and carrying some weight before the summer. Lenny will then be able to just come out for a walk and not have to carry lunch!.

I am busy tonight cooking all sorts of things to leave for Steve's dinners next week while I am away, so far we have Gooseberry crumble, Blackberry & Apple sponge, Chicken casserole and almond buns, but it is all worth it to get a weeks skiing, I have been looking at the webcam each day just to check what the snows like, it's been snowing all week and more expected on Friday so hopefully it will be great snow and the weather will clear up from Saturday. Need to start packing next!

It's a bit like a military operation organizing , Alpacas, Llamas, holiday cottages etc but we have loads of friends who all willingly help out usually feeding Steve as well although he never tells me that until I get back and see all the food I prepared still in the freezer.

Anyway back to the cooking!


  1. Glad you had a nice trek...I was wondering if you had ever thought of trying 'Devils Claw' for Lenny's arthritis. I have an old Highland Cow, a pet and he is on it, also a old horse, it works really well for arthritis...just a suggestion, hope you don't mind.....I have also had really good results with homeopathy, with my animals !you must be the only person actually looking forward to more snow !!.......Jayne

  2. Thanks for the advice, we will give it a try.