Friday 19 February 2010

Well we did make the papers!

With eager anticipation we waited for the Western Morning news to come out on Thursday, and we were not disappointed with the picture they had chosen to publish. A lovely shot of Polo and one of our customers, unfortunately they decided to disregard the information we gave to the photographer and the write up suggested that the picture was of me. Some of the write up was a bit mixed up but we come to expect that when a journalist asks for information about a subject, try to keep it simple and they still get it wrong. Anyway the upshot of it is that everyone thinks Steve has a new women!

Enough of that, today dawned with a dusting of snow which had laid on wet roads and had frozen. We were in Widecombe house sitting so that caused a bit of a problem, Steve had to get to work (only a month to go) so he feed the animals in Poundsgate and I was on site in Widecombe to feed the girls over there. I then took the dogs out for a walk, the moor looks lovely with the snow and the sun came out.

I was supposed to go to the apple shop this afternoon but have canceled that so I will go down to the cottages later and strip out the beds after the guests have left. We are removing the bath and installing a shower in one of the cottages next week so I shall get prepared for that. Hoping the snow won't last long I have had enough of it now and we haven't had as much as some people up north.

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  1. Glad you made the papers...and the gossip will go on no doubt regarding.....Steve's new woman !

    Nice to see you also have some snow ...makes me feel better already !........Jayne