Friday 5 February 2010

New car now back in garage

Unfortunately the new car has had to go back to the garage, we happened to have to take a trip to Plymouth last night so this was the first time we had drive the car on the main road. It soon became apparent that all was not well, a loud humming/knocking noise whilst driving indicated a wheel bearing problem. so today in between taking Steve's mum to town, doing a change over in the cottage as I had taken a last minute booking, feeding the animals and generally getting ready to go SKIING tomorrow I needed to get the car into Newton Abbot. It always amazes me that if I write down all the things I need to do and tick each one off as it is completed I can get everything done much more efficiently. It seems that if I don't write it down I get side tracked and end up not doing much at all.
Anyway got the car into the garage, they announce that it needs to stay there to be repaired which left me stuck in Newton Abbot, a good chance to get the last minute shopping (sunglasses). I finally got a lift back home from my daughter and the Grandchildren in exchange for a roast dinner.
So all packed now, couple of good books, even packed my knitting, I was warned that knitting socks was addictive.
Probably last blog for a week due to the fact I skiing, drinking lots of wine, eating loads of pasta and hopefully sitting in the sun knitting socks!

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  1. Enjoy...your skiing holiday...sunning and knitting socks......I expect to see the results on the blog when you get back....Jayne