Monday, 19 April 2010

The day after the weekend before

Well back down to earth after the SWAG show. We had dropped the show animals off in a temporary paddock last night so this morning we went over to Widecombe and caught them all up. As it was such a lovely day we halter them and took some pics with their ribbons on.

Not a bad bunch really.

Following the photo shot we moved them to their permanent paddock well away from the rest of the herd where they will stay until they go to Devon County show in about a month. I think Titan may need some intensive ring craft training before then as he was still playing up today as in this pic!

The rest of the day has really been a bit of a relaxed affair, part of our new lifestyle, we came home had a coffee before preparing a cream tea for a llama walk this afternoon. I packed up a picnic lunch as well which we took up to the field to have before we loaded up the llamas. I knew those deck chairs we brought at the weekend would come in handy!......

The decision as to which boys to take on the walk, now how to go about that! Today we just opened the gate from their new field and the first three through get to go on the walk, on this occasion it was Polo, Blackjack and Sparky the Alpaca. The others will have to learn to be quicker next time. We had a lovely walk for a couple of hours over the moors, sat and eat a cream tea and then came home again, not bad and we get paid for that.......

We now have two broody Bantams one sitting under the shed on about a dozen eggs half of which we have exchanged for hens eggs so it will be interesting to see what hatches out. The other one is just starting to sit in one of the nest boxes in the hen house and she has about four eggs at the moment, so I am going to see if I can get some hatching eggs to put under her, I quite fancy some Araucanas for the blue eggs, so thats the next job for tonight.


  1. Congratulations...on your show results...not bad !...indeed......Jayne

  2. After a long weekend of travelling you deserved a cream tea - look forward to meeting again. DAve