Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Is it possible to have a Blonde Alpaca

No seriously I think I have a Alpaca of little brain, nice to look at but a bit short in the brains department. Midnight an intermediate black female who we have entered into the SWAG show has been practicing her halter training and getting on very well I must say.... but this afternoon I went down to the field to check on the cria 'Mica' , Steve had been down earlier and placed the fence posts and gates etc in the filed in position ready to start the new fence. Phoebe, Mica Carla and Midnight started to run up the field to meet me think there must be some food on the end of it... suddenly Midnight screeched to a halt and stood looking at the line of posts... there was no way she was going to cross that line, she walked one way then the other and then decided she wasn't that hungry, she would stay where she was...! Do we really need a new fence? How much easier it would be if we just had to lay down some posts..... see Alpacas really don't challenge fences! I think she will just carry on looking pretty!

Ou new life seems to be going well at the moment, Steve has started being self employed, not having to work for the P....t he was working for is such a relief. We haven't advertised that he is available for work as yet but already have work coming in, I just need to make sure he doesn't take on to much at once. Already he has done some of the jobs that have needed doing around the farm like clearing our the deep litter in the shelter and getting up the hay from around feeders etc. I am feeling much happier about it now so hopefully it will be OK.

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