Monday, 12 April 2010

Lovely fluffy Alpacas and Glorious weather

Well it has been a few days since I managed to write anything on this blog, as the weather has been so good we have been busy around the fields and holiday cottages. Getting in later in the evenings as it is lighter later now, by the time I have got dinner I usually fall asleep on the sofa as soon as I sit down.

Saturday we had to go to Derriford Hospital for Steve to have a CT scan on his hip which ironically does not seem to be hurting as much now, so hopefully it will be OK. While we were in Plymouth we brought some climbing plants to grow along the balconies of the cottages, some honeysuckle for the scent and a Clematis Montana for some early flowers.

We spent the rest of the weekend tidying up around the fields, moving the chicken houses and runs onto fresh grass and even cutting the grass around the holiday cottages. As we seem to spend most of our time down there we moved all our garden furniture from home to the patio in the cottage garden, it will get more use down there. We also took some of our large glazed flower pots down and replanted them with spring flowers, so it all looks very smart and well kept now just in time for our new holiday makers this week.

All the llamas and Alpacas are looking good, all fluffy and cuddly spending their days sunbathing and generally enjoying the sunshine. Mica our little cria is doing well and today refused to take anything from the bottle and her little tummy was feeling quite full so maybe her mum has finally started to produce enough milk to keep her happy.

Today Steve started the new fence, he has put in the gate hanging post which is huge, he has assured me that he is going to cut the top off it to bring it down to size. We got some old telegraph poles which make great gate posts and strainers but they are heavy. We are splitting out two acre field in half with a twelve foot gate at one end so we can get the big tractor through for hedge trimming etc, the other end will have a six foot gate which will give us pedestrian access. We have the new field shelter in the top half of this field so I think it will be kept as a birthing paddock, we are hoping to put a web camera on the shelter so we can look at the girls from home and check they are OK, this will be very helpful and less intrusive for the girls.

We are off to the SWAG show on Friday so I have been watching the weather forecast to see if this dry weather is going to last until the weekend so I don't have to put the show animals inside to keep them dry. Midnight has had her refresher course on halter training and has been doing really well so has now decided that she no longer needs to go for a walk each morning, she won't come in to the catch pen to feed in the mornings but sort of teases me by nearly coming in then running off just as you think you have got her. I will use the indian rope trick tomorrow and get her into the catch pen for a final training session.

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