Sunday, 18 April 2010

Swag show, amazing weekend

Well we have just arrived back from the SWAG show and what a show it was. Firstly the weather was great, sunny and warm which was a welcome change after two years being frozen to the core at the Bristol venue.

Much to our amazement Midnight our intermediate black female took the champion black female ribbon, the pictures are of me having a little pep talk to Midnight as we waiting to go in the ring and of us in the ring with a bright orange championship sash.

We only had one animal to show on Saturday so most of the day was spent catching up with friends old and new, it was good to meet Applevale Alpacas who were having their first go at showing their Alpacas and we hope they enjoyed the experience.

Today we had the boys, Titan, Atlas and Calypso, Titan was up first so I had the same little pep talk with him before we went into the ring. He is usually a little angel, walks well and doesn't mind being handled, he obviously forgot all about that today. He walk into the ring like a proper little star but then decided to throw himself around, stand on his back legs and generally be a pain in the neck. He stood reasonably still while the judge inspected him and then continued in the same vain. Again I was amazed when we were awarded a third place
rosette. Next it was Atlas's turn followed by Calypso in the very next class, these two had to have a joint pep talk and I think Atlas took it on board especially the bit about behavior in the ring as he walked into the ring very proudly and stood still in what ever position he was placed
and when he was inspected by the judge. He was awarded a fifth place in a very large class of junior fawns, so I was really please with this result. A quick swap of animals and it was Calypso's turn, he is always well behaved in the ring and even though I think he is gorgeous he wasn't placed this time but there was some very impressive boys in that class.

All in all a good weekend 3 out of the 4 animals we took to the show won rosettes not bad when we only have a few animals to choose from and really satisfying to see the results of our breeding program producing prize winning Alpacas.

Can't wait until Devon County show next month.


  1. Well done guys, a good show!

  2. Well done.
    I saw this bar whilst skiing in Tignes last week and had to take a few pictures
    or for the official web site.
    Pity about the French spelling but must be the only bar named after Alpacas!