Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Marietta Update.

Just to give you an update, Marietta has still got the shakes and twitching, she has had another shot of Magnesium. In fact I think she is slightly worse, she seems to have a problem sitting down very shaky action especially on the front legs although she gets up OK. I am starting to wonder about Selenium now as well, not sure what the symptoms are.

I spent most of the night trawling the internet for anything which might help me sort out the problem and talking to people from all over the place about the possible causes.

Marietta is now in a small enclosure incorporating the field shelter she seem happier if she is outside,  it's quite nice to watch the others coming over to check on her, leaning over the hurdles and may be a little hum then back to grazing.

Phoebe still looks content to hold on to her babe, but Ella looks really uncomfortable this evening so who knows perhaps I should open a book.

We are going out for a llama walk tomorrow, half day so I need to prepare coffee and lunches as well as get the linen etc prepared for a changeover in one of the cottages.

Hopefully we will see some sort of improvement in Marietta and I will have some good news to report.

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  1. We had a selinium problem with two of ours (spotted through a blood test), Sadly - one died as we were too late catching it. He was shaky and eventually his back end gave out. We used Vitisel which should have worked if it had been early enough but I hadn't realised what I was dealing with. Probably nothing like yours as he was only a few months old. The other recovered.
    Do hope Marietta improves - best wishes.