Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quick blog

Just a quick one tonight:

Still not Cria.

Marietta still shaking but no worse, still of grass.

Great llama walk today, lovely weather, great company, not a bad job really.

And I took another cottage booking.

Pretty good day really.

Hope fully I will have some good news tomorrow.


  1. Hope she is soon back to normal....its a worrying time.......its a bit of a mystery !....Jayne

  2. Ta for update, still thinking of you/her, fingers crossed.

  3. I looked on alpacanation forum and some suggested lack of thiamine could make alpacas tremble


  4. Thanks for the comments all very welcome and helpful. We are still now nearer finding out what the cause is, but she seems better in herself even came up to us for a cuddle which she wouldn't have done two days ago.