Monday 1 March 2010

Sunshine & Poo Picking

Well the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon giving me the incentive to get on with picking up poo as you can imagine with 6 Llamas as well as the Alpacas there is a considerable pile of poo. Fortunately we have some eager gardeners waiting for supplies as the are anticipating spring is about to arrive. So with the help of the link box on our little tractor the bays were filled and loaded then put into my trailer ready for delivery today. I managed to get the big paddock done so today I will start on the smaller paddocks (it is like painting the forth road bridge never ending) . I am working on getting one of those poo pickers as seen at the futurity.

It is great to read about every ones experiences at the Futurity and I must congratulate Debbie at Barnarce for her success in the fleece show and Mark at Patou Alpacas for his tremendous success in the ring, it is good to see these results from smaller breeders up there with the big boys and this should encourage more people to enter the shows this summer.

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