Sunday 25 April 2010

Breeding etc

We have sort of slotted in to a routine now of Steve working about 3 days a week and spending more time with the animals, if we can manage on this it will be great. We have got so much done around the farm in the last few weeks, the new dividing fence in the holiday cottage field is up just got to hang the gates now.
We collected the new Chicken house and have now moved the hens over, very interesting last night as we went up to the field as it was getting dark to check that they had all gone into roost. The three new hens were all tucked up in bed but our old hens were all looking longingly at the old house, so we had to catch each one and put them in the new shed, not easy when it is now dark and they can run under the house. Eventually we got them all in so hopefully tonight they will know where to go.

I now have to go and do some ironing as I have just taken a call from some one who wants a cottage for a few nights and I have to make up the beds, so I may be back later.


  1. Our young chickens had spent all day in the field getting fat, and had got too big to squeeze back through the stock netting to their hut on the other side! so I had to herd them around the field shelter and thorugh the gate!

  2. Ours seem to be quick learners they had all found their way in last night, thankfully!