Thursday 29 April 2010

A Bridge and a Tape measure

In the village we live in we have a small bridge over the West Webburn River it has a 7ft 6in restriction on it and over the years we have witnessed all sorts of vehicles trying to get over the bridge. Since the introduction of Sat Nav it has got worse as now drivers don't read the signs. We have had 56 seater coaches coming through and getting stuck, lorries, white van man who usually tries to get across and actually getting stuck. Even a fire engine which was to wide to get over but yesterday on my way home from the fields I came across the strangest sight! I came down the hill towards the bridge to find a large Mercedes estate car stopped in the road in front of the bridge, I stopped as often holiday makers like to take pictures of their car driving over the little bridge. I was amazed to see a gentleman with a tape measure actually measuring the width of the bridge before deciding if his car would fit! Perhaps lorry drivers should be issued with a tape measure as well as their Sat Navs !
Today we should be going on a llama walk but the forecast is not good and looking out of the window it is clouding up so they might be right. Such a shame for the customers the weather has been so great for weeks.
Never mind I am sure we can find lots of indoor jobs to do, ..........account, housework, ironing, hope it doesn't rain for to long!

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