Saturday 3 April 2010

New Website is nearly there (I think)

One good thing about not being allowed to do much is that I can sit in bed with the laptop and work on the Alpaca website without feeling guilty. Feeling quite pleased with myself really, I have been working on this site for a little while and it has been ready to publish for about 10 days. I got the hosting sorted and using iweb got ready to publish the site, guess what!!! it doesn't work. I got all the settings, passwords, URL's. FTP's and all that stuff right but no, hosting company said I must have typed it in wrong, I said I needed an IP address(sounds good anyway).
Finally hosting company after a week said "you might need the IP address" ! All I want to do is press the button that says "Publish" I put in IP address, it said the "test connection succeeded" I can now press the button, Hurrah whoopy doo, here goes I thought I've done it. Error message said "please enter correct URL, Password and FTP address" I give up. What did we do before computers? I have managed to publish through a third party, very complicated way of doing it but as hosting company is closed for bank holiday not much choice. it's a bit basic at the moment but at least it is out there.

Meanwhile in the outside world, Steve has managed to bottle feed Mica who seems to be doing well and he has set up the new scales so we will be able to keep an eye on her weight easily from now on.

We have had a couple of llama walk enquiries but the weather is bloody awful, glad I'm not on holiday and we had a call from someone interested in buying some Alpacas, wanted to know why there was such a difference in the prices of alpacas between breeders, not sure where to start on that one!

Just hope I feel well enough to be around when they come round but at the moment I am confined to barracks. So frustrating!

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