Friday 16 April 2010

What a morning

Well it has been a bit of a hectic morning, starting with worming the llamas and Alpacas in the home paddocks and moving them to new paddocks. Worming alpacas is no problem but with the llamas they are a little bit bigger and stronger and if they don't want to stand still they won't, anyway all done and not to much coughing up the drench. It always worries me when they stat coughing, not much you can do to help them is there.

Next a neighbour call round to collect some wood chippings for their garden, we had loads as we had taken some trees down last year and chipped up the branches, stored them in Dump bags so they were already to be used as mulch.

Then get the feeding instructions for the animal sitter while we are away. Catch the animals that are going to the show, check them over and try to remove as much debris as possible before they go in a trail with straw and get covered with that!

Then home to tidy up which is what I am supposed to be doing now, before going back to the Holiday Cottages to do a change over ready for guests arriving tomorrow, Steve is going to Widecombe to feed the girls over there.

Finally we will have some lunch before setting off to the SWAG show in Bristol. If any of you guys are there, we will no doubt see you and good luck.

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