Wednesday 28 April 2010

Some days............

You know some days you really think that something is working against you! I have had two enquiries for Llama walks both on days when we aren't available to do them, one is Devon county show time and the other on a day we have arranged to do some breedings. then I get home and listen to the answer machine and there was two enquires for holiday cottages and guess what!......we're fully booked for the dates they wanted.............which is good but frustrating.
Then I look at the weather forecast for tomorrow and it gives some rain, which we really need but we have a Llama walk booked's been dry for at least 18 days why couldn't it wait just one more! We had a spectacular walk planned but it needs to be a really good day, clear and not windy as it it very exposed, not much chance to shelter from the rain. So we need a plan B...............and possibly C.

I was watching the late pregnant Alpacas this afternoon and Marietta who is due in early June is already huge, she is a very compact girl anyway but now she is almost as wide as she is tall.
Last years cria arrived right on 11.5 months.....thats a good seven weeks away. all of the girls are spending a lot of time sitting down chewing the cud...........but then what else is there to do in this lovely weather..............Not a bad life!

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