Friday 2 April 2010

No Excuse for not blogging

I really have no excuse for not updating my blog this week as for much of it I have been confined to the house. Following the big birthday weekend I went down with a cold which has now turned into a chest infection with Pleurisy, not very nice. So I have some antibiotics and painkillers and have been told to rest.

This is not that easy when you have all the Alpacas & llamas to look after but there you go!

As Steve has finished work this week it has not been to bad, he has taken over the feeding up but is not so good on bottle feeding the cria. She is still having to be topped up with ewe replacer, Mum has some milk so I am only giving her a bottle in the morning and evening and she seems to have lots of energy and is bright enough in herself. She is the first cria who has willingly taken a bottle from me, no struggling to keep it in her mouth, don't really need to hold her while she drinks, so not sure why Steve has so much of a problem, he only manages to get her to take about 100 ml at a time so is giving her 4 feeds instead of 2.

This week should have been the start of our new life, the one with out regular work, sort of scary really but exciting as well. Our holiday cottages are booked up well for the summer and Steve has some jobs in the pipeline and if I wasn't feeling so bad I might be quite excited about this new life style.

I really need to be better soon as the halter training has come to a halt and the SWAG show is in two weeks! The little ones are doing well, but the intermediate female hasn't had a halter on since September so could be interesting.


  1. Hope you're soon feeling all takes don't be too hard on yourself !..I'm sure things will all slot into place.....Jayne

  2. Thanks, feeling a bit better today