Tuesday 10 March 2015

Build day minus 1

The Hut frame is due to arrive tomorrow, so today I did the final ordering of materials, so that is due to arrive tomorrow as well.  Just need to sort the barn out to get it all in and clear a space to actually build the Hut.

The trailer base is ready to have the bearers bolted on to put the floor on to.
It doesn't look much now but it won't be seen at all when the floor goes on.

I thought it was time I started halter training the female cria, all the males were done before they were sold.  As I had hold of them I did some fleece rummaging, they are not bad, I may be over critical of our animals and usually talk myself out of entering them into shows.  I need to make decisions on who to enter into CCA show and Devon county.  I have Zanti who did well as a Junior so she will go into both.  I also have Atlas who is now a senior and has always been placed when ever he has been shown. He gets a little excited when there are lots of females around, so maybe not a good idea.  It is the Juniors who are difficult, I have a black female who's got a bright crispy fleece which is very fine but has now density.  A fawn female who will be over fleeced but the time the shows are here and the white is definitely not going.
The girls enjoying some sunshine this morning.

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