Thursday 12 March 2015

Well today didn't quite go to plan!

Following a bit of a late start this morning I left Steve to feed up and then he was itching to start sorting the base out for the Shepherds hut.  I had to go to Tavistock for shopping etc and then I was coming back to start sanding window frames.  Just got to Tavistock and the phone rings!  apparently I had take both sets of keys for the van which had all the tools in---- I can say I was not the most popular person in the world at that point.  So back from Tavistock with no shopping or anything else for that matter.
Anyway the base of the trailer now has bearers bolted to the frame to support the floor and it has been wax oiled to help stop it going rusty. It doesn't look much different but it is all the stuff you don't see that takes the time.  Steve has to do the day job tomorrow so we will be back onto it on Saturday.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon just looking at the alpacas which are in the field next to our holiday cottages, some may call it daydreaming or time wasting but I think it is something we should all do periodically.  I look at the individual alpaca, consider its breeding and then wondering if we made the right decisions with our choice of Stud males last year I even get onto this years breeding decisions.

Whilst looking at Zanti (who is fast becoming my favourite Alpaca)  it was evident that some males really do stamp their mark on some females. Zanti is a Jack of Spades baby out of a dark brown female, she is light fawn! she has his head, is a well grown female who will be bred this year.  Next to her was Yolandi who is out of a black Jack of Spades female (Hebe) sired by Inca Cayenne who is Dark Brown/black, she is also light fawn. Seeing them together they are like peas in a pod, they both have that strong head shape, loads of curly fleece around the face but they are a generation apart.  This year we are waiting for a Popham Equador Cria from Hebe, we really would like a black from her this time.  The decision is who do we put over Zanti?

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