Saturday 28 March 2015

Its coming along

We have been working flat out for the last fortnight on the Shepherds hut, it has been slow at times and there is a lot of work which isn't seen.  It is now looking good and if the weather is ok tomorrow we are going to move in onto its site.

Steve spent the last few days putting the windows and door frame in then fitting the cladding on the outside of the hut.

I have been painting all the wooden bits to finish the roof and the back and front panels. All was going smoothly until I realised I had painted it all with the wrong paint.  So a quick visit to the DIY store and I managed to get the right paint in the right colour, so everything has had an extra coat.

The weather today has been foul, we had a Llama walk planned for this afternoon but the wind was terrible and the rain horizontal so we had to cancel.  As it was for a surprise birthday present and I knew it would be too late to organise anything to replace the walk, we invited the couple to come and visit the llamas and Alpacas for a short while and they are going to do their walk in a couple of weeks.  The Alpacas as usual behaved impeccably, they cam over had a look at the visitors, had a couple of handfuls of food and left when it had all gone.  We went up to visit our two young llamas who are currently being trained to join the trekking team.  Visitors are away welcome as it gives them a chance to experience different people touching them.  they get very used to us handling them but when they go into the team and go out on walks they will be handed over to total strangers so they need to have these experiences.  These two young llamas came from the Watertown herd in North Devon and are absolute stars, they are so calm and easy to handle.  We have now got them take a pack system and walk with it.  Mr McGee (brown & white) is much more confidant Leo (Fawn) takes a little longer, I think he has to watch Mr McGee first then as he hasn't been hurt or scared it is OK for him to have a go.

The two young llamas have to be castrated before they can join the trekking team for two reasons, firstly we have a couple of females in the team and don't need the aggravation that would ensue if we introduced three entire males.  Secondly young llamas like to see who is top dog, not helpful if we are stood on top of a Tor on Dartmoor and one of them decides this is the time to push one of the other off, not good for business.

Once our guests had left, Steve managed to complete the outside cladding with the hut still in a very narrow bay in the barn, it was a bit dingy and dark but as usual he managed.  He's a star really.

Lets hope that the weather isn't two bad tomorrow and we can get the hut on site, then the work on the inside can begin, except Steve has to go back to work next week! but then the clocks go forward tonight, extra hour of daylight!

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  1. The hut is looking the business now - cosy enough to live in! Great photos of Mr McGee and Leo. Snow here this morning, hope it's better on Dartmoor. Shirley & Robbie