Tuesday 17 March 2015


I was sent out for supplies yesterday morning, supposed to be there for when the builders merchant opened.  Well I got there about 9.30am and there was a long queue of builders waiting to be served, I think early Monday morning is not the best day to go, it was not helped by the computers not talking to the printers so nobody could have receipts or collection notes to pick there materials up from the yard.  I needed some nails and T&G boards for the ceiling of the hut.  After about 30 mins I got to the counter to order with the nails to order the boards, I had the sizes I needed so I thought I was prepared.  Oh no I had to go out into the yard and get a code number of the boards, then the guy was able to find them on his computer.  so having queued again I got back to a till.  Then they couldn't get through to the transport dept to arrange delivery, I gave up then and said we would collect then today.  So after a hour and 15mins I left the store with a box of nails!

Next of to the electrical supplies with another list.  Well that was a total waste of time, usually they are very helpful and will advise what we need but this time all the young lad would say is ", you need to tell me what you want I am not allow to advise you" I already brought all the wire, sockets, fuse board, all I needed help with was a site plug and socket to connect the Shepherds hut to the electric so it can be unplug if we need to move it, it can't be that complicated.  Obviously we get a qualified electrician to do all the connections etc but we need to get the wiring in place before the insulation and internal cladding goes on.  So not

a successful day so far.

In the mean time Steve had started the external cladding with OSB board this is going under a waterproof membrane and coloured metal sheeting.  The hut is really starting to take shape now and I can now see how much space I will have inside.  I have so many things I need to get in there especially the boxes of stock for shows and fairs.  So we are trying to think of how we can store these in the hut so that they don't take up much space but are hidden away and be easily accessible.  At the moment I am thinking a tall cupboard where the boxes will slide in on runners so will move in and out easily, then on the door I can put some grid walling which we use to display our socks and knitwear.
Then I need a workspace and storage for the sewing and felting machines, so every space has to be used to it's full potential.

I think a trip to ikea will be needed as they are really good at storage solutions and we have to pass Cribs Causeway to get there which is a whole another shopping opportunity.

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  1. We can see a book being written about your adventures whilst trying to get this hut built! Your tale of the builders' merchants is so typical. Good luck with finishing off and filling the internal cupboard spaces - easy peasy to any female! Shirley & Robbie