Wednesday 11 March 2015

So excited

Ooh Ooh Ooh I got so excited this morning - it doesn't take much I really should get out more!
The Shepherds Hut frame was due to be delivered mid morning soI got up to the fields early to feed up and move the last bits of Rubbish (sorry very useful bits of stuff).  I had just got to the barn when the phone pinged and there was a text from the building supplier who was delivering the rest of the materials for the build, OSb board, Ply, joists etc saying he would be there in a few minutes, luckily he had only just sent the message.  He arrived a few minutes later and I now have a large pile of wood and insulation,  it looks far too much to go on our trailer base!

About a hour later the Hut arrives and is off loaded, I can't believe how excited I am about a big pile of wood and metal!

Tomorrow if the weather plays ball the trailer is going to be wax oiled to keep it in good shape and I am hopefully going to start sanding down some windows which we are recycling from the Holiday cottages.  The windows were removed to make way for the extensions last year, we had four and had already used one in a shed now two more are going into the Hut.  The idea is to use as much recycled materials as possible. All the shelving is already in my work room at home and the small kitchen  is going to be made from some old kitchen units, remodelled and painted.  I have a piece of work top which will be used here too.

With all this work to do I did get a pressie today, Steve brought me a electric sander, which will be very handy tomorrow.

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  1. We can feel the excitement up here! Looks like you have a big job in front of you putting it all together. Good luck! Shirley & Robbie