Sunday 22 March 2015

Feeling very proud today

He looks better behind bars
Josh & Charlie
More of a Personal Blog today.
I am feeling very proud today as my two Grandsons, Charlie age 10 and Josh age 8 were playing for Plymouth Marjons U10's Hockey in the Devon Hockey finals.  They had 6 matches to play to qualify for the regional finals next month in Bristol.  My daughter had a very early start to get them to Exeter for 9am this morning and I got there just in time to see the first match at about 10am.  I had forgotten how seriously parents take their childs sports but there was no bad feelings or bad behaviour as at some Football matches I have seen recently, (they both play football as well).

Anyway to cut a long story short they didn't play particularly well in the first five matches but managed to win three and draw two so the last game was crucial.  Finally they decided to play Hockey and actually had a fantastic match to win 2 -0.  The outcome is they won the tournament and will go to the regionals. So I am really proud because Charlie scored three goals and Josh who is only 8 and plays in goal had a clean sheet in every match.  Josh has so much padding on he looks like a Michelin Man, at one point he had dropped his stick and couldn't reach down to pick it up, his coach had to run on and help.

Also this week Charlie played for his School team and won the Devon Schools Hockey.  The most amazing thing is that they didn't start to play Hockey until this season.

I am not sure where they get all their energy from, they never stop, when they got back this afternoon they got a football out and played with that until they had to go home.

Steve in the meantime was working on fitting the windows and door frames to the Hut.  After fitting the door frame he noticed that the threshold had a crack in it so needed to come out and we will now have to take it back and get a replacement.

I did get the sander out when I got back and started to sand down the windows ready for painting, I am hoping that I can get them primed tomorrow and then the gloss on Tuesday afternoon.

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