Saturday 14 March 2015

Today didn't start well either

Today was supposed to be the day when we cracked on with putting the frame together for the hut.  Well I woke up  feeling like s--t with a migraine which when I get a bad one usually means I am sick and can even get out of bed.  So I took one of my migraine tablets and went back to bed whilst Steve did all the feeding up.

By lunch time I felt well enough to get up and at least look willing, even managed a piece of toast. I ventured up to the barn and between us we managed to get the floor onto the chassis.  Steve bolted this down and then we were onto the frame, these were much lighter so Steve could lift them up whilst I steadied them until they were clamped together ready for the fixings.
It all looks different now, actually can see what it is supposed to be.

Tomorrow it is the roof, this is in two sections so shouldn't be too heavy, problem is I am only 5'2" and can not reach the top of the walls never mind lift the roof on.  So I now I have some steps! so I can stand on them inside the frame while Steve lifts the roof sections on, I am hoping we get some volunteers to help tomorrow.

Steve decided he may need some new tools to help with the build so I now have this in the lounge.  It hasn't done any work as yet and I do hope it isn't going to stay here to long.  apparently there is more arriving!  I need to check he isn't including them in the cost of the build as I do have a budget and if so he has just blown it.


  1. Hope you are feeling a lot better now and have managed to get the roof on the hut.

    Shirley & Robbie

  2. It's ok Diane, those tools are essential for the job, and all Lounges will have them installed soon, you are right 'on trend'! (Is that ok Steve?)

  3. There seems to be a lot of new tools needed for this job and the lounge is rather full now, apparently a new toy room is now needed to house them all.