Saturday 6 March 2010

ADE and a day of movements

We were hoping that it would be dry this weekend and so far it has been dry and sunny although still a cold wind. We had planned to give all the females a shot of ADE and to move them all into a new field. This field has not been grazed for a couple of years and had a hay crop of it last year, so it should be free from parasites. It is full of course clumpy grass which our girls really seem to like, they were not interested in their concentrate and fresh hay this evening anyway.

We decided to wean the last cria from last year (Quartz) as we had the trailer there to move Phoebe back home today, Midnight cam home as well for refresher halter training.

The whole process went like clock work, we are lucky with the fields in Widecombe as they have an ancient drift between the garden of the house and the fields so we let the herd into the drift, set a pen up at the end of the drift, drove the girls who were staying in Widecombe into the pen, gave injections, trimmed toe nails and checked for bald patches, signs of mite, body scored etc. Then drove them though the garden and into their new field, Happy girls!

The fun started when we did the same process with the three animals coming home except they went straight into the trailer rather than the new field. Quartz just realised his mum wasn't in the trailer and made a dash for the field gate, luckily he isn't to big to be lift up by Steve and carried into the trailer, Midnight who is coming up 18 months still acts like a 6 month cria when separated from Mum, Mum (Ella) was running up and down the fence making a racket and generally making a fuss, but with a little persuasion Midnight walked into the trailer followed by Phoebe for their short trip home.

A quick move around at home, Jazz & Georgina the two female Llamas have moved down to the bottom paddock which is showing some small signs of growing some grass, the weanlings moved next door to a fresh paddock and with Quartz added to their numbers were happily grazing and also didn't bother with their feed tonight. Phoebe and Midnight who have been joined Carla have gone into the new paddock with the lovely new Field shelter, not that they have even looked at it, more interested in the lovely mix of new grass we had sown last year.

Well that's what we did this morning, this afternoon we were joined by our Grandson Charlie who luckily for us like picking up poo. So some poo picking and then racking up all the spent hay from under the racks and bags, with the threat of the grass starting to grown we don't want to leave old hay on the ground causing bare patches. Home for a cup of tea, followed by updating medical and movement records, dinner, blogging, bathing grandson, washing, cooking flapjacks with grandson.........................

Is Sunday still a day of rest ?

Ah yes, we have a Llama walk tomorrow.!

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