Monday 8 March 2010

Weanlings identification crisis

We wean our last cria at the weekend and both mum & babe were un fazed by the whole experience. It wasn't until we introduced Quartz to the other weanlings that we realized how much alike he is to Felspar. They are both sired by Collabear Gilbert out of a mother and daughter so hardly surprising they are similar. I was naively thinking that as Quartz is a good two months younger there would be a difference in size, well if anything Quartz is slightly taller than Felspar. Although they are all microchipped this doesn't help with everyday identification. So off to Tuckers our local country store to see what I could use as a makeshift collar, I found some light weight green plastic chain link which is idea using a D clip to join the two ends. We don't like using ear tags as we have seen some very messy infected ears and it seems and unnecessary with such a small heard, we always put the tags in pre sale though.

Any way Quartz is now modeling a very smart green necklace, I must get some pics of these two just to see how similar they are.

I did manage to take some pics of the girls and their new shelter which I am sure they still haven't used yet and some of the older weanlings.

Girls outside the shelter and the view from there!

Titan in true paddock condition, not sure how I am going to get all that hay out before the SWAG Show!

Atlas looking all gorgeous and fluffy


  1. They all look lovely....even with the added hay !!....why do they get in such a mess !!...Jayne

  2. I don't know but it is always the ones you want to take to shows or fairs etc. He is very good at standing still while I try to remove the debris!