Sunday 7 March 2010

Brrrr it's cold outside

A beautiful day today but boy was that wind cold. We went for a short walk on the moors this morning as Charlie our grandson wanted to go out for a picnic with the llamas. So all wrapped up with hats and gloves and many layers we set off. First up Corndon Tor where there had been some swaling earlier in the week (burning off of gorse) so lots of blackened areas then up to Yar tor our favorite picnic spot. The view from this tor is fantastic and I never tire of it, you can see for miles from the south coast to the high moor, with the sun out and a clear blue sky it takes some beating.

This afternoon we took it a bit easy really, a late lunch and then back up to the fields to check every thing and everybody, we pumped up some fresh water into the tanks. We are getting through a lot of water at the moment as they are eating so much dry matter. Once the grass starts to grow they won't drink as much.

The pack training with Blackjack didn't go according to plan and he totally refused to have the pack done up, happy to stand with it on his back but nothing else. we will persevere over the next few weeks.

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