Friday 19 March 2010

good news and bad or maybe thats good news too!

We had the scanning done yesterday and the good news is that the girls which were scanned before the winter have all carried their pregnancies through except Ella who was scanned with twins (this was the bad news) this is probably for the best as she could have aborted late and that would have been really bad news, so I am pleased especially as Willow also scanned positive. I wasn't expecting that as she only sat once at the very end of the year. Willow is a maiden dark brown female with a lovely fine soft handling fleece, she takes after her mother Lily (aka Loopy Lil) bit flighty but full of charater, was halter trained but has forgotten every thing she learnt, so I am really looking forward to seeing her cria, she is mated to our Stud male Golden Nugget.

We are still waiting for our first cria from Phoebe who is showing no signs of giving birth, in fact when I checked them this evening she along with Carla and Midnight we sitting in the rain about 20 yds away form their lovely new field shelter. That's gratitude for you!

Still haven't got those pictures of the phone, must do that over the weekend!


  1. Typical 20 yards away from the field shelter. Sorry to hear the news about Ella, mind you nature has a way of righting those wrongs...I hope that the others are blooming and the new arrivals are soon here ...... safe and sound !...Jayne

  2. No matter how confident you are with our Alpaca's state of pregnancy, it is always a nerve racking time having them scanned!