Wednesday 10 March 2010

Sustainable Tourism

I spent today at a Sustainable Tourism conference which was very interesting especially the bit about car free days out for our holiday makers. Very good having the theory but in the real world this isn't going to work. If a customer wanted to get a bus to us from Newton Abbot they could only do this on a Wednesday and they would have to wait a week before they could get a bus back! I will take some of the ideas on board such as suggested local things for our guests to do rather than big attractions which are miles away, getting them to shop locally etc but I don't see many of our guests not using their car for a week.

The scales we purchased at the Futurity arrived today luckily the delivery driver phoned yesterday to say that he didn't think he could get his 26 ton lorry to us but he thought he would check first. We have a 7ft 6" bridge one way and a narrow lane the other way on the road to our farm so small lorries are essential. Anyway it was duly delivered and they left it in our front porch so I had to climb over it to get in the door, as my main priority was to put the kettle on once I got in, I left the parcel where it was until Steve got home. With great glee the parcel was brought into the front room to be unpacked (which means we will have to keep the box probably in the hall for a few weeks incase it needs to be returned) then left just in front of the sofa for me to trip over whilst carrying a cup of tea, stubbing my toe and spilling tea over me and the sofa. Not sure how long it will stay there, probably till the weekend when I am sure the whole herd will be weighed, now that should be fun!

I have had three enquiries about llama walks today so it is looking good for this season we are already busier than we were last summer but then the weather is better than last summer!

Why haven't I got the camera when I need it, I happened to go into the new field to check on Phoebe this afternoon just as Midnight was charging around the field alternating between flat our gallop and pronking, she is a blue black intermediate female and looks so elegant when she is pronking, such an amazing sight, I would love get some video of it.

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