Wednesday 3 March 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Since our weekend away things have not stopped around here, I think it may be because the sun came out.
We are having one of the bathrooms done in our holiday cottages, so first thing, go and check out the work that Claude our builder had done. He always does a good job so we don't mind leaving him to it. The bathrooms always reminded me of hospital facilities as they were tiled white and had lots of functional fittings and grab rails. We have put new tiles from floor to ceiling with those little mosaic tiles in between, looks great, new basin, shower and lovely new accessories. Still suitable for people with limited mobility but looking good as well. Just waiting for the new flooring to be fitted next week to complete the job.

We have taken several bookings for the cottages this week so I hope that our customers old and new will appreciate the new facilities.

The bookings for our Llama walks are coming in again, two next week all ready. We are going to try to get Blackjack to take a pack this weekend, last time I tried he was very good and I managed to get one strap done up, I didn't want to push him to much so we rewarded him for his efforts and took the pack away. I think this time he will be OK to get the second strap done up and then we will leave him in a pen for a little while to get used to it. It will be a few weeks before I happy to take him on a walk with a loaded pack but I am happy with the progress he is making.

This weekend we are planning to move Phoebe one of our Alpaca females back from Widecombe as her cria is due early April, she will go into the field which was reseeded last year and has our new field shelter.
She will have Carla and Midnight for company, Midnight will come back as she needs a refresher course in walking on a halter in preparation for the SWAG show in April. Halter training is also on the cards for Atlas & Titan who I have also entered into the show, these two are pretty good at walking, standing still and letting a stranger delve into their fleeces is another matter. After watching some of the juniors in the ring at the futurity jumping around I would like to avoid that if possible, mind you some of the intermediate females were a bit lively as well but then they were probably pregnant (good excuse).

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  1. Interested to read your last blog about the poo-picking. We use the old fashioned 'spade & barrow' method and its a time consuming, but necessary exercise. We too are looking at 'vacuum poo picker-uppers' and have had details from Keith Douglas at Fresh Group (he was at the Futurity I think.) Good luck! Shirley & Robbie