Thursday 25 March 2010

First Cria of the year

Phoebe and Mica



Quartz and Felspar with Atlas trying to get in the picture.

Well it has been some time since I managed to sit down with the computer so heres a quick update. Last Saturday Phoebe decided it was time to give birth, not a particularly good day, grey, misty and raining, unusual for phoebe as she normally picks a nice day. Just as the nose and feet arrived the sun came out and the clouds cleared. A lovely white female cria arrived as was up on it's feet in now time, text book stuff really, we managed to watch proceedings from the window of one of our holiday cottages, ready to dash out as soon as the babe arrived to deal with the navel and give a quick check over, then leave along for bonding time. The little cria was straight to the milk bar and suckling nicely so we left them to it until evening then put them in the field shelter for the night as the rain was forecast to return.

Everything seem fine until day three when I noticed that every time I look in on them the babe seemed to be under mum looking for milk. I checked Phoebe over and she has milk but not a lot, so I have been supplementing the cria with a bottle morning and evening ever since. The cria seems strong and is running around playing so I can only assume that Phoebe is still producing some milk. We have had this once before with her and we supplemented for about three weeks then the cria wouldn't take the bottle any more and went on to thrive. We will have to wait and see!

Apart from all this we were due to have a couple of llama walks this week which we have had to cancel because of the weather, so instead I have been painting the holiday cottages ready for the photographer to do the virtual tour next week.

So today I thought I would have a day out, so I went to the local auction to see if I could pick up some bits of furniture, pictures etc, not much there really but it is always fun to watch. Followed by a girly night out at a local restaurant, just the start of a rather big birthday this weekend|

I finally managed to download some of the pictures off the camera, some of the weanlings and one of the new cria now known as West Webburn Mica.


  1. He looks lovely, hope the milk situation sorts itself out.

  2. Congratulations...on your lovely new arrival..she looks a real sweetie...hope you enjoy your girlie night out...and ..did you manage to resist the auction.....Jayne

  3. Mica still doing well, never had a cria take a bottle as keenly as she does. Great night out and I didn't buy anything at the auction, everything I like was very expensive!